1. What will I get after purchase?

For just € 99.00 you get 5 voucher codes. One voucher is one trip on one of our buses.

2. How can I buy vouchers?

You can buy on the InterFlix website. Choose how many of packages (one package = 5 trips) you want to buy, fill in your information and choose payment method between credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and Paypal.

3. How can I redeem my vouchers?

You can redeem your voucher code during your online booking on the website, in the app or in one of our travel agencies. Once you have selected the journey, you can enter your voucher code in the shopping cart. Please note that you can only redeem one voucher code per booking. Cash payment of any balance on a coupon shall be excluded.

4. How long are vouchers valid?

From the day of purchase, you have 3 months to explore Europe with InterFlix.

5. Which 5 cities can I visit?

You can choose any of our 900 destinations in 20 countries. However, the return trip on the same route is not possible. You can find the current network on our website under Bus Routes. Moreover, it is not possible to book a route that includes a transfer.

6. Is baggage included to the price?

Of course. You may take one piece of hand luggage and two pieces of baggage with you on your bus trip. Please label your baggage with your name and address.
Hand luggage is one piece of luggage that does not exceed the measurements of 42 x 30 x 18cm and a maximum weight of 7kg, all valuables should be carried as hand luggage.
Normal baggage is limited to two pieces of baggage with each piece with measurements of no more than 67 x 50 x 27cm. Each person can take a maximum of 30kg on board.

7. How can I cancel a trip?

If you have redeemed your InterFlix voucher code and booked a bus trip, you can no longer cancel your ticket. The change of your reservation is currently possible through Call Center.

8. Can I transfer a booking to another name?

No, your ticket is not transferable, because you can´t change the name of the passenger. Also a resale, especially on online portals, is not allowed.

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